Christmas List 2013

I don’t want any of you to be overly stressed on what to buy me for Christmas!  For your convenience, I am listing all the items I would enjoy:

  1. VANS Graph.  I could use a new pair of kicks.  The shoes I’m wearing are a bit holy.  $90
  2. I7 & Motherboard.  The Ivy Bridge’s 22nm manufacturing process is a marvel in component engineering.  $1,600
  3. New Shirts.  These are clutch  since I can dress down at work!  £16
  4. Updated NAS.  I’ve been rockin’ an oldschol NAS200 like a caveman.  $2,500
  5. Star Wars mints.  In all honesty, I just want the tin.  $10
  6. LCD Projector.  My current DLP belongs in a museum.  $2,800
  7. VPN.  Sharing & privacy is an act of love.  ฿.075
  8. PS Vita with Persona4 & Ys/Memories of Celceta.  Ys is an underrated classic.  $260
  9. Ashton Cigars.  Light and classy – like me.  $50
  10. Domain.  2 digit .COM since I like running my own URL shortening service.  $38,000
  11. Phone.  The Note III has a decent amount of screen real estate.  $300
  12. Reaper of Souls.  A gift card will suffice since this won’t be out til 2014.  $40

Let me know if you have any questions!