Breaking Bad is Overrated

If Breaking Bad was a musical group  it would be U2.  It has to be the most overrated show in existence.  Theres plenty to nitpick about: inconsistent characters, no development, mediocre dialogue, lack of sophistication, horrible one-liners, sloppy closures, etc.

All of the above can be ignored.

But what truly ruins the show for me is its lack of social commentary.  The show is not clever, witty, or intelligent.  The War On Drugs was never touched upon; shocking considering that is what gave Walt so much power.  The show never touched upon the impact on the neighborhood and schools.  The show did not properly play out on the politics and bureaucratic structure of the police.

Breaking Bad is not smart.  It is overly simplified; designed to be enjoyed by the masses.  Breaking Bad is written for the lowest common denominator; sacrificing artistic expression & political significance for a one-dimensional anti-hero that is easy for Average Joe to relate with.

Did I enjoy the show? Yes.  Was the cinematography beautiful? It was breathtaking.  Unfortunately that is not enough to justify the show’s ratings.  I enjoyed it, but I will never watch it again due to it being brain candy and not requiring much thought.

My Rating: 81% (B-)

If you want to watch something with a bit more depth, I suggest The Wire.