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Welcome to my personal website.  Please feel free to browse at your leisure.


The web is not nearly as crowded as it should be.  Making my mark on the internet.

From Arizona

Where its dry, beautiful, and brown.


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Recent Posts

Pimp My Gothic Ride

I am ashamed to admit this, but I grew up on MTV. In the 90’s, grunge was big. I remember flannel shirts and a hung-over Cobain at Headbangers Ball.  Beavis & Butthead, watered down news, and Cribs.  Even worse, was the show Pimp My Ride. All of these shows did a great job of exposing […]

RIP: Peter Steele

Happy Halloween! Today seems like an appropriate evening to write about Type o Negative.  It’s been awhile since his passing, but I am still somewhat sad that we will not have anymore music from him. My initial instinct is to blow off celebrity news and gossip.  And it sounds stupid to be upset over someone […]

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