Pimp My Gothic Ride

I am ashamed to admit this, but I grew up on MTV. In the 90’s, grunge was big. I remember flannel shirts and a hung-over Cobain at Headbangers Ball.  Beavis & Butthead, watered down news, and Cribs.  Even worse, was the show Pimp My Ride.

All of these shows did a great job of exposing urban culture to a sheltered suburbanite, such as myself.  B&B dancing along to Snoop Dogg… and even Xzibit accepting everyone.

And in an effort to piss off all the militant metalheads, a Dutch metal band Within Temptation decided to “rap” with Xzibit. And judging by the nerd rage in the Youtube comments, they succeeded.  Such hate towards a band who wants to experiment with music cross-over.

I don’t really get the big deal.  Sure, the song isn’t really spectacular.. but it is 100x better than “What Have You Done” with Caputo.  Despite the repetitive hip hop influenced song, I don’t remember seeing as much anti-rap rage back in 2007 when it was originally released.

But in any case, keep an open mind.  It may not be your cup of tea, but its far better than re-iterating the same trash over and over.  If you want your rock to sound all cut and paste, go listen to Nickelback.

RIP: Peter Steele

Happy Halloween!

Today seems like an appropriate evening to write about Type o Negative.  It’s been awhile since his passing, but I am still somewhat sad that we will not have anymore music from him.

My initial instinct is to blow off celebrity news and gossip.  And it sounds stupid to be upset over someone I’ve never met.  But Peter’s music was so passionate, honest, and quirky… I feel as if he exposed his soul – his personality.

He was a devout Catholic, a loving person, and never said anything bad about anyone.  I’d like to imagine him having a great time celebrating Halloween in Heaven.

I Miss The 90’s

So many good things came out of the 90’s. Grunge, the swing music revival, and industrial metal.

Now when I turn on the radio, I hear only one out of two things:

1) Overrated rock music where everything sounds like Nickelback.

2) Horrible hip hop / pop where everyone uses auto tuned vocals.

Nothing is unique and the passion is missing. No thanks..

Excuse the brevity; posted from my Android device.

Thankless Crucifix

Much love for Demon Hunter
Excited for their next album on

Every curse, lie, violation of our lives
Every careless error of breath, corruption of our minds
All the blood and the same, defamation of name
The weight of a wicked world, embodied on a thankless crucifix


Is NuMetal still a thing?

Its amusing how my taste in music has changed over the years.

16 Year Old Jeff would be disappointed in me.  I always despised NuMetal artists like Fred Durst & Slipknot.  But lately… I’m afraid I’ve had a change of heart.  I have been listening to In This Moment with much enjoyment:

I figure – if Zakk Wylde had a change of heart and now appreciates NuMetal… why not me?