Dave Chappelle Was in Phoenix!

I had a great time watching Dave Chappelle who did stand up on 09/23/2013.  It was nice to so the pavilion to [almost] max capacity.

The sign to the right caught my eye –>

Supposedly he had an issue with Hartford, CT – where someone heckled him.  I’ve only been to a few comedy shows in my life… but doesn’t that seem expected?  I don’t think stand-up is a good fit if you don’t have thick skin.  He seemed a bit awkward on stage but the content was still decent.  Overall, I think he should go back to sketch comedy.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade and not seen The Chappelle Show – I highly suggest it!


Friday The 13th

“Oh, I couldn’t make it Friday – I’ve got so many things to do. It’s the thirteenth, you know.”

And, of course, all credit goes to the fabulous Charles Addams.  If you’re not familiar with his earlier comics – I suggest you pick up his book on Amazon.